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cranium ghost
cranium devil
cranium (memento mori)
cranium blackened
cranium king

Cranium (memento mori)

Remember mortality. A watch face built with passion. All 5 included themes have carefully crafted animations to enhance the experience, but not to distract from the most important thing, showing time.

Compatible with Galaxy watch series, Galaxy watch active series and Gear S3.

Available now on Samsung Galaxy Store!

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Stylish, Minimalistic & Animated. Those are the words we briefed ourselves as a guideline when designing this watch face. We were looking for a new area to apply our knowledge to and found smartwatches a growing market we wanted to head in to. So, we asked ourselves, why not do an experiment. We chose Samsung Gear S3 as a platform due to its unique format and openess.

We wanted to use our skills and take advantage of what a digital format has to offer. Be clear in showing the time without clutter. Make use of the digital format by giving additional information organically through visual cues. Take the digital format further by making the watch an experience through animation.

When it comes to the animation we also wanted it to be functional. Not to add animation because we could, but for it to have purpose. So every animation that draws your attention has meaning.

Geomatrix, available now in the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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Free tutorials

In our quest to share as much as possible to empower and inspire other people, we are now putting out bite-sized tutorials on our IGTV channel. You can also find making of / breakdown videos of the watch faces we create.

These are shared for free on our IGTV account. Hopefully if you are a designer, content creator or artist you might find this useful. You can find the tutorials and making of videos on instagram at @mbl.watchfaces

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Break Limit Phone
Break Limit PC

Break Limit

Created to empower virtual race drivers within eSports.

An organic brand that will grow with its community. Break Limit still being in its infancy, have the vision to be that missing link for drivers online. Be that virtual team, to help the driver be the best he/she can be on the track and win more races. Break Limit helps by providing advanced and easy to use tools, knowledge through guides and will in the future also build a special community for its members.

We wanted to get involved in what’s happening with eSports and picked an area which we found something we could contribute and help with. Break Limit is born!


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If you are a developer, content creator, 3D artist or animator you might find this valuable. We are constantly developing our own pipeline to be more efficient and to leave more room for creativity. We thought, why not share this with the rest of the world. Here you will find scripts for blender, After effects (coming soon) and in the future other smaller libraries that helps us with the development of our projects. Press the logo to take you to the resource page ➔